Reasons for Low Testosterone And How To Fix It

Low testosterone is caused for many reasons. One of them is age. When a boy reaches puberty and until he reaches middle-age, he has an overabundance of testosterone that cause him to be too preoccupied with sex. At middle-age, his testosterone level gradually levels off. Other causes of low testosterone are due to medical conditions. Some of these conditions are diabetes, obesity, kidney damage, some medications, injury to the testes, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Before we discuss how to fix low T, let’s talk about some of the causes.

Men with type 2 diabetes have a twice as likely chance of having low testosterone than men who don’t have diabetes. Because low testosterone and diabetes go together, this doesn’t mean that low testosterone levels cause diabetes. We know that the pancreas not producing enough insulin to break down sugars is the reason for diabetes. If low testosterone does not cause diabetes, then what is the link between the two? The two conditions share resistance to insulin. In both cases, the body produces insulin but doesn’t use it efficiently. Men with low testosterone may not necessarily have diabetes. Certain genetic diseases such as Myotonic dystrophy can cause the testosterone levels to reach a shallow level.

Obesity is the major cause of low testosterone. It is found that 44 percent of men who are obese have low testosterone levels, and 33 percent of men with low testosterone levels are not necessarily obese. The medical profession is not clear as to what the link between obesity and low testosterone levels are. Obese men who have low testosterone levels can be anywhere from teenage to senior ages.

Around 70 percent of people diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can cause anemia, not enough red blood cells to carry oxygen through the body. Eventually, low testosterone and CKD can prove to be fatal in middle-aged men. Though some men opt for testosterone replacement therapy, it considered hazardous to the kidney if the level of T is too high.

As people get older they will need medication to control their cholesterol, blood pressure, and other age related ailments. One of the side effects of medication is low testosterone. Be aware that statins, which are supposed to lower cholesterol can lower testosterone levels. Antidepressants that are used to neutralize depression, can cause testosterone levels to drop significantly. Chemotherapy, a common drug in the treatment of cancer, can cause low testosterone levels in men. Men who use recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine on a regular basis may have fertility problems in the future.


Injuring the testes can cause the testosterone levels to become low. Testicular cancer can decrease the levels of testosterone. The way to tell if testes have been injured if they tend to be discolored, taking on a bluish-black appearance. Testes hang outside the male body, near the penis, in a sac called a scrotum. This can make the testes vulnerable to ball injuries, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, and more. Athletic supporters can be a big help in preventing injury to the testes.

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is another factor in low testosterone levels. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes can cause COPD, an incurable, yet manageable disease of the lungs. Commercials for COPD medications have compared the effects of COPD to having a grown elephant resting on your chest. COPD tends to lower endocrine levels, acute exacerbation levels of PaO2.

The normal levels of testosterone fall between 300 to 1000 ng/dL. In men, there are nine warning signs of low testosterone. If they notice erectile dysfunction, extremely low semen volume, losing hair on the body, loss of muscle tone and an increase of body fat, and low energy are just some of the nine warning symptoms that a man is experiencing low testosterone levels. The best thing to do is to see the primary care physician to learn what kinds of treatments are best to build up the testosterone level.